About ESP

ESP is a new brand focusing on environmentally-friendly, energy-saving products

We all need to play a part to be more environmentally-minded. At home, we can live more comfortably and save money by insulating around our doors and windows. Stop letting hot air escape and cold air in during winter, and likewise letting cold air out and hot air in during summer. Our name says it all: ESP – energy saving products – helps you achieve this.

ESP products are durable and easy to install

Our products are simple to install – you can easily do it yourself and start enjoying the benefits immediately.

ESP products are carefully selected based on high-quality materials

We choose quality materials to manufacture our products that will deliver you a great product at a fantastic price.

ESP products are competitively priced

With a strong focus on providing you with tremendous value, our products will save you money from the time of purchase through to after you install them.

ESP products are packaged environmentally-friendly

We take a closed-loop view of the need to care for our environment from distribution, to sales, and to installation. Whenever possible, we choose packaging that is friendly to our environment, so please remember to take advantage of recycling programs in your neighbourhood once you’ve finished with them.